PS Commerce Acknowledge CEMA and Partners

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THE PERMANENT Secretary for the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, labour and immigration has commended CEMA board of directors and management and CEMA partners.

Mr Riley Mesepitu made the salutation at the launch of the rebranding of CEMA name recently to ‘Solomon commodities’ Solomon is organic, in Honiara recently.

“I stand here today to, first of all, thank God, our heavenly father for making everything possible in this country and thank CEMA Board of Directors and management,’’ he said.

Minister Mesepitu also express gratitude to the respective Ministries in collaboration with CEMA sub-committee and CEMA board and management to be able to come this far.

Speaking during the launch Mesepitu said that today Solomon Islands have hit the history of CEMA.

“We just cut the cake, past, present and the future. There is a saying, and it goes like this, we are not propelled by our past but we are propelled by our future.

“So let the future pull us, do not let the past pull us, we are pulled by the vision, the mission and the value that we have seen today,’’ said Mesepitu.

He also takes his opportunity to thank choirs and the children that perform at the official launching.

“Their presence is significant, it actually represent the future generation,’’ said Mesepitu.

He further said that the future of this Nation is in our hands and the policies that the government have come up with the mindset of seeing the future in good hands.

‘That is where we see our future generation and our choirs and everybody have participated positively today,’’ said the Minister.

PS Mesepitu said that it indicates that the future is bright and has declared to participants that, today the future of Solomon Islands is bright.

He told the Private sectors that they are already in this industry and that CEMA, now the new look will complement everyone in working together under the umbrella of ‘Solomon Commodities, Solomon is organic.

“So let us be proud of this brand so we can market our products together, both domestically and internationally,’’ he highlighted.

Mr Mesepitu also thank every private sector and player in the industry in terms of coconut, cocoa or whatever commodities they produce in the sector.

He appealed to the people of this country to change their mindset to have a common goal with one common objective for the betterment of this country.

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