Government Implements Nationwide Ban on Single-Use Plastics THE six months Grace period given to importers, manufacturers, distributors, and sellers of certain single use plastics has ended on 1stth March 2024. As of 2nd March 2024, all provisions in the Regulation to regulate certain single use plastics in the country will now take full effect. The five items banned in... READ MORE Projects on Road Network and Wharves in Solomon Islands THE Land and Maritime Connectivity Project that is supported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is delivering results and is already boosting land and maritime connectivity and strengthening the transport network in Solomon Islands. In keeping with ADB’s role as Asia and the Pacific’s climate bank, Solomon Islands’ vulnerability to... READ MORE Four Livestock Officers on a Meat Inspection Training in Australia MINISTRY of Agriculture & Livestock (MAL) despatched four Livestock officers over the weekend to train in Queensland, Australia to become meat inspectors. The opportunity is funded by the SI Agriculture Rural Transformation (SIART) project. It will ensure that the project meets its objective and as well the livestock sector will... READ MORE Strengthening Local Medical Waste Management Efforts THE first of 4 medical waste incinerators funded by the World Bank’s Covid 19 Emergency Response Project through the Project Management Unit (PMU) within the Ministry of Health and Medical Services is near completion. The incinerators are part of the activities funded under the project which aims to prevent, detect... READ MORE Plastic Ban in Solomon Islands Set to Take Effect in March THE countdown is on as the grace period for the ban on Single Use Plastic will come to an end on March 1, 2024. With only two weeks remaining, businesses and consumers must now prepare to comply with the new rules that prohibit the importation, manufacturing, distribution, supply, and sale... READ MORE Tamboko Bridge Roadwork Repairs Are Progressing Well BY JOHN HOUANIHAU THE Tamboko Bridge roadwork repairs in the north-west region of Guadalcanal province are progressing well, according to the latest update from the rural resident, Dickson Lavusi. Dickson told ENVIRONMENT MEDIA that the repairs, which began a week ago, are aimed at addressing the deteriorating condition of the bridge,... READ MORE Japan Boosts Ministry of Mines with Vital Geoscience Equipment THE Government of Japan continues to boost the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification (MMERE) with vital Geoscience with the handover of a consignment of latest modern equipment last week. The consignment included a specially designed research vehicle, a Carbon and Sulphur Analyser, a Gas Chromatograph and an X-ray... READ MORE Solomon Islands Still in Tropical Cyclone Season THE National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) through the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) reminds the country that our official tropical cyclone season for 2023/2024 starts from November last year 2023 to April this year 2024.  In this regard people are reminded to keep themselves updated on the daily rainfall warnings... READ MORE Strong Wind Warning Issued for Most Waters in Solomon Islands BY JOY OFASIA THE Solomon Islands Meteorological Service has issued a strong wind warning that remains in effect for most waters across the country, urging boaters, fishermen, and coastal residents to exercise caution. According to the Solomon Islands Meteorological Services (SIMS), a trough lies south of Solomon Island while a general... READ MORE Bad Weather Damaged Roads in Central Makira BY CHRIS ALEX WIDESPREAD damage was created on the road network connecting the Central and Western regions of Makira and Ulawa provinces during the current severe weather. Heavy rain and strong wind have caused coastal flooding and damaged large sections of the region’s transport and infrastructure network (economic route), causing frustration... READ MORE New Forestry and Research Permanent Secretary Sworn-In THE new Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Forestry and Research, Richardson Raomae was sworn-in by the Acting Governor General, Patterson John Oti at Government House today. Mr Raomae from Dairana Village in Central Kwara’ae, Malaita Province has a long career in forestry with the Ministry spanning back to 1993... READ MORE Collapse Roads Takes Toll on North-West Guadalcanal Agricultural Community BY JOHN HOUANIHAU IN a tragic turn of events, yesterday's devastating floods wreaked havoc on critical road infrastructure connecting three key bridges in the North-West region of Guadalcanal province. The aftermath of this catastrophe has left local farmers in dire circumstances, grappling with significant challenges that may hinder their livelihoods for... READ MORE Feasibility Study on Auki Road Tarsealing Project Conclude THE feasibility study on the Auki Road Network Tarsealing project was successfully concluded last week by six Chinese engineers in the Provincial capital. The weeklong study is being conducted in collaboration with local engineers from the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) together with key Provincial stakeholders including Solomon Power, Solomon... READ MORE Public Urged to Take Precautions in Severe Weather BY JOHN HOUANIHAU THE Solomon Islands Meteorological Services has issued an urgent warning to the general public in the country to take necessary safety measures as heavy rain, rough seas, thunderstorms, and strong winds continue to persist over most parts of the Solomon Islands. With the wet season in full swing,... READ MORE Ministry of Agriculture Receives I.T Equipment to Improve Biosecurity THE Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations Plus (PACER Plus) has supported   Biosecurity Solomon Islands in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock with the provision of IT equipment to support the implementation of ePhyto in Solomon Islands. The equipment which included laptops, bags and a printer was handed over to... READ MORE Challenges of Metal Roofing and Rust in West Are'are Coastal Communities BY JOHN HOUANIHAU COASTAL rural communities in the West Are’are region of Malaita province have over the years faced the major challenges of maintaining their homes and buildings due to rust issues, particularly with metal roofing. Metal roofing is popular in coastal areas due to its durability and weather resistance, but... READ MORE A Request to Improve the Pipisu Village Water Supply BY JOHN HOUANIHAU IN MALAITA SINCE their supply of clean drinking water was exhausted eight years ago, the people of Pipisu village in West Are'are, Malaita province including women, youth, and children, have been forced to walk great distances in order to obtain it. Since the original water supply was constructed... READ MORE Potential for Durian Crop Farming Emerges in Malaita Province THE highly priced Durian fruit crop has the potential to benefit farmers in Malaita Province following a recent discovery that the crop already yielded substantial revenue for existing rural farmers in Dala, West Kwara’ae constituency. This has prompted the Malaita Provincial Government in partnership with an Investor to encourage farmers... READ MORE Solomon Islands challenges World Leaders to Act on Climate Change at COP28 THE Solomon Islands delegation to the High-Level Ministerial Meeting on Urbanization and Climate Change currently underway in Dubai, United Arab Emirates has challenged World Leaders to act swiftly in reducing greenhouse gas emissions while easing hurdles to accessing global climate funds to address existing impacts on worst affected countries. The... READ MORE Bina Harbour at COP28 Aiming for Global Climate Funding and Collaboration THE Bina Harbour Development Project and other Solomon Islands initiatives are heading to COP28 in Dubai to partake in the annual gathering of all nations that have signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). A Solomon Island cross Ministry delegation, including representation from the Ministry of Fisheries... READ MORE