Mena Based Renewable Energy Company Shows Interest in the Solomon Islands

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AMBASSADOR Moses Kouni Mose has received interest from Sunnyside Ventures Pvt which is currently based in the Middle East & North Africa Region.

SunnySide is a sustainability solutions start-up with a team of professionals who have been working on Renewable Energy Projects (Solar and Wind Energy), Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure, waste management, energy management, climate change, and more. They are also techno-commercial experts who have touched the end-to-end cycle right from Project Identification, Feasibility Study, Financial Closure, Project Implementation, Project Management, and Asset Management.

Officials from the company have been taking advantage of our presence at the Expo 2020 Dubai event and have approached H.E. Mose on several occasions and expressed interest to establish a project-based relationship with the Solomon Islands Government

Discussions from the initial meeting between SunnySide and H.E Mose have revealed that; “With the enormous challenges faced due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, government and people are inclined towards resources which are less harmful to humanity and environment and on the other hand support in stabilizing the economy, and that the public wants power source that won’t poison the air we breathe, food and water that will not harm our health and materials that won’t detriment the nature”.

H.E Mose in acknowledging the interest shown by SunnySide added that; “Low lying lands like Solomon Islands, needed urgent attention to address the climate change scenario pertaining to global warming and rising sea level and that companies like SunnySide, were focused on addressing these critical scenarios in developing nations by implementing green energy solutions which will support in diminishing the energy crisis, enhance employment opportunities locally and above all move towards a safe, secure and sustainable future.”

Sunnyside had already submitted a concept proposal to the Ministry of Mines, Energy, and Rural Electrification to build a 10 MW solar power plant in the Solomon Islands.


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