Axiom CEO Responds to Tovosia

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IN a response to the Caretaker Minister of Mines Bradley Tovosia’s, Axiom CEO Ryan Mount said, “Mr Tovosia’s recent statements at his press conference again shows the Minister’s total disregard and total contempt for the needs of the good people of the Solomon Islands.


Mr Tovosia has not explained why he was travelling internationally with Robson Djokovic at a time when he, as Mines Minister, was granting mineral rights while the Government is in caretaker mode.”


Mr Mount further said, “I find it extremely disrespectful that Mr Tovosia flies on an expensive first class airplane ticket, yet the people of the Solomon Islands and East Guadalcanal lack proper infrastructure, have poorly serviced clinics and hospitals, and have poorly resourced schools.  All this while the Minister buys himself a first class air ticket to fly internationally.  This is so very disrespectful.”


“Furthermore, the Minister is wasting time in a recent press conference, particularly when there is a potential environmental disaster looming in Rennell Island. A proper Minister should manage the disaster recovery efforts.  Yet all Mr Tovosia was thinking about was himself and crying to everyone about words.”


“The Minister seems very concerned that I have stated that I believe his conduct is corrupt.  That is like Satan saying “em barrava hot lo hell”.  “I do not retract my statements”, Mr Mount said.  “Rather, I re-inforce my belief that Mr Tovosia is acting corruptly in his position as Minister for Mines.”


“The Minister has even suggested that he will commence defamation proceedings in the High Court, but then he also warns Axiom to stop wasting the Court’s time.  Which one is it, Minister?”


Mr Mount asks, “Will the Minister pay his own legal bills when he commences these legal proceedings or will he again waste Government resources and make the Government pay his legal bills?”


“The Minister said that he paid for the first class airplane ticket with his own money.  If he can pay for his first class airplane ticket, why doesn’t he pay for his own legal bills?”


“I also suggest Mr Tovosia go to East Guadalcanal to support his constituency instead of flying around first class internationally.”


“I again call on the Minister to explain to all of us why he was travelling internationally first class — and with Robson Djokovic. It was reported from Parliament that Djokovic was the reason for the collapse of the Sogavare Government and that he is Marijuana seller. What are you both doing over there with him, Minister?  What are you up to, Minister? Your people have a right to know what their Member is doing under such circumstance”


“For us, it is a very scary thought that with one of biggest shipwrecks occurring in the Solomon Islands since World War II, the Minister has taken no serious action in on the Rennell bauxite mine.  Instead, he seems worried about protecting himself, wasting government resources at his own silly press conference by not addressing the questions people want answered. He is also threatening to waste more Government resources with his threat of litigation.”


“In any event, we look forward to the Minister commencing court proceedings against Axiom.  This way, we can expose Mr Tovosia’s corrupt conduct in court – once we have a court date set we will invite Operation Janus to attend to watch”


Minister, I ask you three very important things:

  1. I ask you to consider the people of Rennell.  What are you doing to address a looming environmental disaster?
  2. Please explain why you were flying internationally with Mr Djokovic?
  3. Please justify to us why everyone else has to suffer through lack of proper funding of services to schools and hospitals, yet you find it acceptable to fly internationally in first class.  Where are your priorities Minister?


I look forward to your response or if you don’t I look forward to you trying to defend your corrupt conduct in court.

Source: Axiom Media Statement

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