Women Noni Farmers Hopes to Benefit from Noni Payments

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WOMEN noni farmers under the North West Guadalcanal Subsistence Farmers Association have expressed their profound appreciation to Solomon Noni Corporation and its founder Hon. Bodo Dettke for resuming buying of Noni fruits.

A mother of four, Mrs. Symphorosa Garo, said income received from selling the Noni products will go a long way in help sustaining the family.

“The Money received will go towards paying the children’s school fees, food, other family needs.

Symphorosa revealed that apart from Noni, other sources of income for women in the community would be from selling garden produces at the Honiara Central market.

However, lately, sales of produces at the central market are becoming very slow and unreliable to meet the family’s needs and wants.

“Families are trying very hard to make ends meet – We faced very difficult times when Solomon Noni Cooperation stopped buying Noni last year. We are happy now that Solomon Noni is back in business buying Noni fruits – this is a beginning for us farmers,” she said

Daniella Garo – Symphorosa Garo’s sister also shares her sentiments stating that harvesting noni fruit is easy and fun, the only challenging part of farming noni is the actual planting.

“Harvesting is kind of family bonding activity, it’s fun – we crack jokes while we do the work,” Daniella said.

She said most fruits will be ready in two weeks and her family is looking forward to another harvest.

Meanwhile, Brigit Garo, owner of Ginger beach and wife of Bernard Garo and mother to Symphorosa and Daniella shares similar sentiments stating her appreciation for Solomon Noni Corporation.

“Since it’s the starting of the year and schools are starting, most of the money received will go towards buying my grandchildren’s school fees and other daily needs.

Mrs. Garo revealed that with the latest addition of a newly planted plot of Noni trees, the family now owns Fifteen thousand (15000) trees will is equivalent to 15 hectares of Noni farm.

The Garo family also shares that this was the first harvest at their Noni Farm and they managed to fill a total of 42 trays – weighing up to 650 plus Kilos.

The Founder of Solomon Noni, Hon Bodo Dettke said the resumption of Noni buying Programme reflects the company’s ambition in providing service for its farmers though the economic situation is challenging.

“Solomon Noni will slowly be buying noni fruits and at the same time highlighting caution about the quality of products. We are hoping to slowly pick up where we left last year. We are competing at the international level so we want our product to be of high quality,” Hon. Dettke said.

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