MP Dettke Introduces Breadfruit Flour

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MEMBER of Parliament (MP) for North West Guadalcanal and owner of Solomon Noni Corporation Bodo Dettke is now trying out the processing of dried breadfruit starch into flour, according to reliable source.

The initiator of Noni products in the country has gone on further by processing the dried starchy fruit into flour, which means he is planning to expand the use of the breadfruit. The flour can be used to develop new value-added products for local use and potential export.

Breadfruit is a popular and commonly grown cultivar indigenous to Reef Islands, Santa Cruz in Temotu province, and grown in many other islands in the country.

The latest innovation from Bodo Dettke can help efforts in introducing this new food product in which breadfruit flour replaces wheat flour. Diversifying the uses of breadfruit in food product development will enhance the utilization of the Solomon Islands agriculture sector and market potential (both domestic and international).

The introduction of healthy and nutritious bakery products like the production of breadfruit into flour by Bodo Dettke’s company is a way forward in developing new opportunities within the agricultural sector of the country as well as people from rural areas.

Recently the MP was praised for ‘Banana flour’ discovery and he received a widespread commendation from the public for uncovering his constituency’s tale on producing flour.

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