Waimapuru Computer Lab Goes Green With Superfly

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WAIMAPURA National Secondary School in Makira Ulawa Province is 231 km from Honiara and is 16.8 km from the nearest Solar Power Grid at Kirakira.

With the increased high demand for electrical power and its cost especially on fuel and generator maintenance, Waimapuru National Secondary School Computer Lab now turns to Solar Energy.

The Solar Energy has been successfully installed by Superfly which provides for 24/7 continuous AC electrical power that powers part of the school computer lab, internet service devices, network devices, and a Server.

Superfly Technician and Waimapuru Staff, Installation of the 3.5 KVA Solar System

According to the Superfly technician, Mr. Hanley Simata, the System installed is a 3.5 KVA. It is an on-grid system that accommodates the School Generator as a secondary source of power. The primary source of power is driven by 6 x 390 watts panel connected to an inbuilt smart inverter and controller and with 8 x 100 AH batteries.

“Our aim is to make Waimpuru National Secondary School energy independent through sustainable solar energy. This initiative will also help us to promote awareness among students about renewable and alternative energy resources,” Mr. Donald Vahimae (The Project Manager) said.

According to the Financial Controller – Mr. Alban Housanau, the solar project is fully funded by the school canteen which is part of their development plan to assist students to access information easily without constrains on the electrical power issues. Mr. Housanau said that they will upgrade the solar system to 10 KVA this year to cater for Air Condition, Lightings and All the Devices in the Computer Lab.

Environment Media was informed by Mr. Vahimae and Mr. Housanau that the upgrade of the solar system from the current system of 3.5 KVA to 10 KVA will to carried out by Superfly.

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