Solomon Islands Still in Tropical Cyclone Season

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THE National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) through the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) reminds the country that our official tropical cyclone season for 2023/2024 starts from November last year 2023 to April this year 2024. 

In this regard people are reminded to keep themselves updated on the daily rainfall warnings issued daily by the Solomon Islands Meteorological Service.

Given the on-going rainfall being experienced across parts of the country since March last year 2024 and the overlap into the cyclone season associated continuous rainfall has the potential to trigger landslides.

The NDMO reminded communities that are exposed or living close to the major landslides caused by the impacts from Tropical Cyclones Mal and Jasper to be vigilant and people should take initiates to be safe.

The current reported events of major landslides across the country, especially on South Guadalcanal, Central and Isabel Provinces are unprecedented events that the country has not seen or experience for a very long time.

The NDMO in collaboration with the Geological Survey Division (GSD) of the Ministry of Mines and Energy are closely monitoring the impacts and soon will deploy technical assessment teams to conducted detail assessment on the locations.

It is important that people and communities living close to major landslides especially on South Guadalcanal, Isabel and Central Islands Provinces, and some parts of Malaita and Honiara to take extra precautionary measures and have a simple family disaster plan that would guide your actions should the landslide locations poses threat.

The NDMO recognizes and acknowledge the resilience demonstrated through community support in ensuring self-help coping and adaption whilst the NDMO through the NEOC and the N-DOC Sector Committees are monitoring the situation and finalizing the plans for proper detail sectoral assessment of the landslides.

SOURCE: National Disaster Management Office 

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