SINU Marine Student’s Field Trip, a Success

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Marine Ecology year one students of the Solomon Islands national university (SINU) further broaden their knowledge recently in an organised field trip to the Turtle Beach in West Honiara last week.

The field trip was based on how to do monitoring, data collecting and data analysis on the coral invertebrates and vertebrates at Turtle Beach.

According to a certificate year student, Chris Karma, the field trip have benefited them a lot especially when they do the data collecting using the Point Intersect Method (PIT) and Trans Intersect Method to see, touch, and feel those organisms as what they have learned in classroom.

“The field trip was very helpful to us, in terms of broadening our minds and knowledge in what we learned in theory,” Karma said.

“As one of a certificate student who will complete my study at the end of this year, the field trip help me a lot if I were to work with the any monitoring team of ministry of fisheries, or World vision or any private team in future,” Chris Karma added.

Another student also said, ” As for someone who have lived inland and not at the coastal area, I prefer to take up this fisheries course, to see see for myself and learn about corals breaching, branching and damages.”

The field trip was very enjoyable for students.

They were accompanied by their Marine Ecology Lecturer Fiona Meke of the Department of Fisheries Studies, Ranadi Campus.

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