Noni Corporation Stops Buying Noni Fruits

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SOLOMON Noni Corporation Limited has stopped buying noni products from North West Guadalcanal, according to a rural noni grower.

Pascal Vare from Vura village, North West Guadalcanal, said noni growers from North West Guadalcanal are yet to hear any latest feedbacks from the Solomon Noni Corporation Limited as to when they will start buying noni fruits.

“There are a lot of noni growers within the Tandai and Saghalu Wards who are still waiting for an appropriate answer from the Licensed Noni Buying Company – Solomon Noni Corporation Limited,” Pascal told Environment Media.

The majority of the discouraged noni growers from North-West Guadalcanal are said to be affected by the stoppage to purchase of their noni harvest. 

Solomon Noni Corporation Limited (SNCL) representative Bernard Garo blamed the impact of the covid pandemic as the major challenge faced by the company – the exporting of noni production and buying opportunities in the country.

Garo said the company is faced with a lot of major challenges related to covid-19, and they cannot continue to risk the business opportunities with their customers.

He said they will not continue with the purchasing of noni fruits from local buyers until international borders are safe and reopen.

“Previously large stocks of noni fruits were destroyed due to longer storage.

“The countries we normally export our noni products are currently in the State of Emergency – we have already exported containers of noni products to Australia and Japan but it has not reached the factories for processing purposes.

“We have also sent noni specimens to South Korea but still we have not received any response from them,” he said.

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