‘Old Broken Fibreglass Boats Can Still Be Repaired’

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FIBREGLASS boat builder encourages fishermen and other fiberglass boat owners in the Solomon Islands that old broken fiberglass boats are still useful if repaired and to decrease littering and contaminating our coastlines.

Over the years, Business owner of Lemek Deanne Suia (LDS) Fibreglass, Chris Lemek has developed a great concern for the coastal environment after he sighted an increase in the number of old and broken fiberglass boats lying along the shorelines in the country, whilst describing it as eye-sore and not environmental friendly.

“Fibreglass materials contain poisonous toxins which can pollute our shorelines and cause health risks to coastal dwellers,” Lemek said.

Chris Lemek, 53, from Malagheti Village, South Guadalcanal described fiberglass boats as very vulnerable to the damaging effects of the sun since the boats are stored and used in the open and also exposed to rough open seas when traveling between islands in the country.

He added that the business now specializes in repairing and patching up of old and broken fiberglass boats.

“Nowadays, the business aims to help reduce old and broken fiberglass boats from contaminating our coastlines as well as to help fiberglass boat owners to reduce the cost to repair their boats.

“Keeping up with any minor damage before it becomes a bigger problem isn’t very difficult and can save a lot of time and money later on. One of the easier repairs is general fiberglass structure repair to the structure of the old and broken boats,” he added.

LDS currently employs 15 locals and the business is situated at the Henderson area in Central Guadalcanal.

In 2000, Chris became a proud business owner of LDS Fibreglass after accumulating a wealth of experience in the construction and restoring of fiberglass products like eskies, toilet bowls, water tanks, taxi signs, and others at BP Investments (Fibreglass) Co. Ltd in the early 9os.

BP Investments (Fibreglass) Co. Ltd is a Honiara based Manufacturer of Fibreglass products and Retailer and Wholesaler in the Solomon Islands. The company specializes in ‘repairs’ and reconstruct any damaged Fibreglass items.

“I initially researched and studied a wide range of fiberglass boat designs from BP Investments (Fibreglass) manual (handbook) and later I created my designs and calculations on the construction of fiberglass boats.

“Making boats needs proper measurements based on suitable types and sizes, for example, I specifically design boat making molds for 18 feet, 21 feet, and 28 feet fiberglass boats,” he said. “I have genuine customers the provinces of Guadalcanal, Isabel. Western and Central.”

In 2011, Chris built a speedy fiberglass boat (higher horse-powered) with a price tag of $80, 000.00, and sold it to a customer from Western Province. However, the prices of the fibreglass boats are as follows: 18 feet – $38,000.00, 21 feet – $40,000.00, and 28 feet $60,000.00.

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