NDMO Relief Boat to Set Sail Wednesday

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Following the impacts of the couple Tropical Cyclone Kevin and Judy, the Solomon Islands Government through the National Disaster Management Office had finally ready to dispatch relief boat to the affected communities of Tikopia, Aunta, Duff and Reef Islands in Temotu Province.

The statement from the National Emergency Operation Center (NEOC) confirms The loading starts today 01/05/2023 and the relief Boat, MV Ocean Joy will be departing Honiara on Wednesday 03rd May 2023 to the impacted communities.

The Priority Port of call for the vessel is Tikopia, Anuta, Duff and Reef Islands and back to Honiara.

The advice from the NEOC also confirms that passengers will be minimal as the NDMO prioritizes the shipment of relief items to the affected population. However, any person who wishes to travel must go through the NEOC for approval and signing off on the exemption form before being allowed to board the vessel.

It is also advised that if any sectors who wish to send items to these key priority islands will have to go through the NEOC process for approval before loading.

Business houses or Canteens that would want to send cargoes must send records of their consignment through to the NEOC for approval before loading.

NDMO would like to thank the Solomon Islands Government for supporting the relief program to the affected communities.

-NEOC Press

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