MAL Thanks Rotary Honiara For Seeds 

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THE Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) has applauded the support of vegetable seeds donated by Rotary Club of Honiara recently.

The donation of 13,000 packets of variety of seeds support from rotary club is intended for Honiara urban residing households whom are mostly affected following the lengthy Covid restrictions.

Director of Agriculture Extension Services Andrew Melanolu who received the donation on behalf of the Ministry thanked the Rotary club and assured them of his department’s commitment to ensure the seeds are fairly and equally distributed to Honiara urban residences.

Some of the donated seed packets. PHOTO SUPPLIED.

“On behalf of Honiara urban city agriculture extension and the recipients I would like to convey our sincere appreciation for this timely donation,”

“This will greatly assist the departments ongoing backyard gardening assistance to city residences to ensuring households have readily available vegetables for their daily diets.”

Dr Mark Johnston of Rotary Club Solomon Islands explained the support came from the organisation’s Covid charity fund.

“The organisation is very pleased to make the donation after receiving a request from Honiara unban city agriculture extension office,” he said.

Meanwhile Caroline Harunari of Honiara urban city agriculture extension office said we have already done a screening to select the type of seeds best fits backyard gardening in the city.

“Distribution of seeds has been carried out according to identified households from communities within the 12 wards of the 3 constituencies of Honiara however priority is given to families mostly affected during the Covid community outbreak and lockdown periods,” she said.

Seeds that are not well-suited for backyard gardening will be distributed out to farmers residing at the outskirts of the City.

-MAL Press

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