LSC Calls for public cooperation After Youths Threatened the Distribution Team

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THE Livelihood Sector Committee (LSC) in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) has called on communities in Honiara for cooperation and patient as they continue with food distribution deliveries to communities in Honiara during the current Covid-19 restrictions.

LCS made the call following the unfortunate incident that happened today along the road up to Skyline where drunken youths blocked and threatened the Livelihood distribution team on the way to distribute relief food supplies.

“This is the least we could expect from our communities. We understand the frustration everyone is going through during this difficult time, but please do not disturb the work that our officers are doing. “We are doing our best to provide food relief to households in a timely manner as much as possible in this challenging time.

“Therefore, we appeal for patients, understanding and cooperation from the general public as we are now in a real pandemic situation and the LSC has to respond effectively but carefully so as not to expose our officers as well as the general public to the corona virus.”

The Committee also admitted that logistic is a big challenge. “We only conducting distribution using two tipper trucks from the Honiara City Council and to carry out delivery to all communities would take time. If business houses or State Own Enterprises (SOEs) would come forward and avail their trucks to support us in this distribution activity would be good to speed up delivery.”

Food distribution by the Livelihood Sector to communities in Honiara will still continue tomorrow and in the coming days. The goods are donated by development partners and private sector.

The LSC is co-headed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL), Ministry of Fisheries and Honiara City Council together with other stakeholders and partners. The Committee is working closely with Honiara City Council on the food delivery mechanism.

Livelihood distribution Team braved the heavy rain unloading food stock to Lord Howe community on Tuesday 25th January 2022.

– MAL Press 

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