Local Organic Farm in Guadalcanal Introduces New Organic Products

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PALMER Organic Farm at Metapona in East Guadalcanal has introduced newly imported brands of organic products to meet the demand for local organic farmers in the Solomon Islands.

The Director of Palmer Organic Farm, Tony Inben told Environment Media that the newly introduced organic products, which are known as the Humic Plus and Humic Vet mainly consist of high-grade humic acids that promote the health and growth of animals and plants.

The Humic Plus and Humic Vet mainly consist of high-grade humic acids that promote the health and growth of animals and plants. Photo Supplied

Tony said the products have international organic certification, and they are made from seaweed and other plant substances.

“This Humic Plus is a soil conditioner and plant growth stimulant whilst the Humic Vet is an organic supplement good for livestock and poultry,” he said.

Inben said that they have also distributed the product to some individual farmers in Malaita and Munda in Western provinces including Guadalcanal.

He said apart from green leafy vegetables, they are looking to use the product if ventured into taro and kava farming anytime.

He said both products are made in Germany, however, they are transported through China, and the Philippines before coming into the country.

Inben said that the Humic Plus is an organic soil conditioner, has better seed germination, and plays a vital role in plant growth stimulating.

He said it also improves soil structure, improved yields from 30-40%, is eco-friendly, improves nutrient uptake, increases root vitality, improves water holding capacity, and acts as an earth restorer.

PALMER Organic Farm at Metapona in East Guadalcanal. Photo Supplied

He said that they have been using the product for two years now and this Humic Plus is also pest resistant.

“From using the product, they can harvest green leafy vegetables within 3 weeks only.”

In addition, to Humic Vet, Inben said it is the best organic supplement for your animal farming business. “It surely makes your meat harvest bigger and organic.”

“Humic Vet is a food supplement for all kinds of animals, a 100% natural organic, no chemical contents, which is in now in the Solomon Islands.

“The product can help your pig, chicken, duck, etc. in terms of natural growth booster, improve the immune system, increase disease resistance, absorb and bind toxins, enhance the cellular uptake and essential minerals such as manganese, iron zinc, and copper.

“It also increases the production and quality of milk, meat, and egg increases animal appetite and feed intake

“It also increased the metabolism and growth, help reduce and control the order of animal waters 64%, anti-bacterial, anti-fungi, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory,’’ said the Director.

PALMER Organic Farm at Metapona in East Guadalcanal. Photo Supplied

Inben later denied the fact about any future or possible negative impact the certified products might have on the soil quality if farmers stop using the products.

“No, when we applied it to the soil, it restores the vital minerals that are missing from the soil. It operates differently from other common soil fertilizers used by local farmers in the country.

“For example, in the case of other fertilizers, the quality of soil minerals are usually depleted after harvesting of crops, however, in the case of organic (Humic Plus), even if a harvest is done, it still maintains the soil fertility and content.

“Humic Plus is eco-friendly and free of bacteria. For example, when using other fertilizer products, the plants usually have a dark green colour, which means it contains too much nitrogen and it is not safe for soil and plants, whilst for Humic Plus, the colour is light green which indicates a balanced nitrogen level which is good for the soil and plant,” he said.

The majority of rural farmers in the country are often faced with challenges on how to access new farming technologies, products or methods to help increase the quality and production of their crops.

Inben said the new organic products were imported into the country through a previous consultation they made with the Government’s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) in Honiara.

“On 2021 World Food Day, we (Taloa and Metapona farms in East Guadalcanal) were given the opportunity to consult with the MAL Biosecurity Division, and they were keen to work together with us, especially to provide technical advice on the introduction of the new certified organic products in the country.

“We depend entirely on fertilizers (systemic chemicals) to improve commercial farming in the country, however, at the end of the day, it is a total destruction to soil and human health, and I believe by using Humic Plus and or Humic Vet, farmers will boost their crop production and livestock which also good for human health.”

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