Electric Vehicles are Doable in Solomon Islands: Sharon Inone

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LOCAL environmental advocate, Sharon Inone says it would be great to see Solomon Islands political leaders investing in clean renewable energy and technology like Electrical Cars to address climate change today.

She pointed out that now we need the political will in terms of climate investments — to make this vision of a clean, renewable energy future a reality.

Sharon recently posted on social media (Facebook) about the possible benefits of switching to Electrical Cars (EVs) to reduce fossil fuel dependency in the country.

“The car that I posted was an Electric Vehicle (EV) that uses electrical energy stored in batteries that can then be accessed through the charging stations,’’ she told Environment Media. “The post I shared on social media was on the possibility of the country shifting from fuel vehicles to electrical ones.”

She said phasing out fuel vehicles and substituting them with Electric Vehicles is doable for Solomon Islands, therefore, Solomon Islands’ current and political leaders must start working to build support for these types of projects now.

But Sharon also understands the fact that the need of acquiring such renewable energy for vehicles has a lower spectrum in the country.

“The Solomon Islands is geographically located right in the heart of tropics where the sun is all year round, and I believe such clean energy investment is doable. However, the country still has a long way to go.

“In the latest 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) report, our government have communicated and made a commitment to the United Nations Framework on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to phase out the use of diesel by 2050. Hence it’s a question of implementation, finances, priorities, and leadership when it comes to phasing out the current cars and substituting them with EV cars.

“Obviously today, the priority of Solomon Islands, when it comes to renewable energy is currently focused on hydro energy and solar energy to light up our communities,” she added.

“That’s why this upcoming election, we should vote for leaders who have hindsight and foresight into such pressing issues,’’ Sharon said.

Sharon who comes from Temotu province is currently working as a consultant on a short term basis for World Bank based in Washington DC while deciding if she should take on a PhD opportunity.

This year, Sharon made history by becoming one of the first Pacific Islanders to be awarded an Irish Scholarship for Small Islands Development States (SIDS) after she graduated with First Class Honours Masters in Science, Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security from the prestigious National University of Ireland, Galway.

Meanwhile, she urged eligible voters throughout the country to vote for visionary leaders during the upcoming 2023 National General Election.

Sharon Inone receiving her Masters certificate. PHOTO SUPPLIED.

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