Increased Supply of Tuna Overwhelmed Vendors

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THE increasing supply of frozen salt tuna from the ocean fishing vessels in the past days has ignited a sudden burst of excitement among fish vendors at the Honiara Central Market.

For the majority of women fish vendors in Honiara, the huge influx of tuna signals a more profitable income for them. The ocean fishing vessels are expected to continually supply the local demand for tuna throughout January.

Woman fish vendor, Hilda Kosi expressed that within the past days, they witness a huge influx of frozen salt tuna from deep-sea fishing vessels.

“I am a mother and have been a fish vendor for many years (here) at the central market and when the time comes for fishing vessels to arrive in Honiara, we get very good money by selling the tuna products bought from the vessels,” Hilda said.

Hilda said that the fish vendors are very lucky because they will get a very good income selling the fish from the fishing vessels.

She explained that for many of the vendors; these vessels came at the right time of the year.

“For fish vendors like some of us, the fishing vessels have come in the right time of the year which we can earn good money to start of the year especially with family financial needs such as children’s school fees.

“The majority of fish vendors who sold tuna at the Central Market are women and this is because they have earned a good and profitable amount of income from their fish,” the woman vendor said.

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