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A heavy rain warning is now in force through all the nine provinces in the Solomon Islands, according to the Solomon Island Meteorology Service in Honiara this afternoon.

Weather forecasting officer, Edward Maru told environment media that the country will continue to experience bad weather until mid-next week.

He said that they had issued heavy rain warning early this week, and they are monitoring the weather models should there be any development active through next week.

Meanwhile, Maru advised people both in Honiara and out in the provinces to take extra care and not to cross flooded areas and rivers.

He warned that such localized heavy rain may lead to landslides and flash flooding over communities living near hill slopes, close to rivers, streams, and low-lying areas.

He also urged the general public to listen out to the national broadcaster SIBC and other media outlets for weather updates.

“The country is yet in the wet and cyclone season from November to April.

“Such localised heavy rain may lead to landslide and flash flooding over communities living near hill slopes, close to large rivers, streams and low lying areas.

“Sea travellers are urged to consider safety actions as such heavy rain can reduce visibility.

“People are therefore strongly advised to take safety measures to avoid danger and loss of lives.

“Please share this information to people with disabilities.”

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