Farmset Introduces Solar Water Pump Product

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FARMSET Limited might be best known for selling the types of agricultural chemical products that locals need, but the company’s newest product is designed for rural farmers in the Solomon Islands.

The company has previously introduced solar-powered water pumps for irrigation and other agricultural activities at their warehouse and office building at Ranadi, East of Honiara.

Company sales representative, Florence said in an interview that Farmset realized that most farmers, mostly in rural areas, had no electricity but desired to go into different types of farming.

“We decided to introduce a new product which uses light directly from the sun; the solar irrigation pump works well for tanks, creeks, and ponds and is designed especially for flat land.

Farmset’s introduced solar-powered water pump for irrigation and other agricultural activities.

“It is an excellent choice for watering livestock, crop irrigation, or even residential use.

“The cost of the solar irrigation pump is SBD$ 10,000, and it is attached with two 40 Watts solar panels,” she told Environment Media.

Florence said the pump could be used for both domestic purposes and irrigation.

“The pump is easy to transport depending on the system and the site, solar water pump can be shifted more easily.

“After all, all most remote parts of the country get plenty of sunlight and solar pump is favorable,” she said.

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