Development of Aquaculture and Agriculture on Guadalcanal to be improved

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The Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement had assured the people of Guadalcanal to improve aquaculture development in the province.

Speaking at the 37 seconds appointed at Marau recently Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said that his government will continue to support the development of the fisheries sector on Guadalcanal.

“The government will continue to support the development of the fisheries sector in the province. The improvement of the national tilapia hatchery in Aruligo in West Guadalcanal is the gov’t commitment to harness social-economic opportunities for aquaculture farmers in Guadalcanal province,” he said.

The Prime Minister further assured the Guadalcanal people that the Ministry of Fisheries will continue to work with its development partners to develop the aquaculture sector to benefit our people.

“This is a key redirection policy of my government for the fisheries sector. I want to take this opportunity to thank the people of Marau for availing of the land and reefs for work of the Ministry of Fisheries.

“This beautiful place and its natural lagoon ecosystem are very important to research laboratory for the ministry of fisheries, the use of adult sea cucumber for the Ministry’s national breeding program since 2010 is a testimony of your great support and confidence.

“Going forward the ministry is very optimistic to make improvements to connect the Agriculture extension centers with the mother ministry and I hope these reforms will improve our agriculture sector,” PM Sogavare said.

He said that the Guadalcanal Agriculture extension office has 14 positions where 12 posts already filled while 2 vacant position is yet to fill up and MAL is working to improve the gap in the workforce. This is on reform and structure of agriculture Establishment.

“It is time to upgrade all levels, in the extension office to motivate and boost, for this a working committee is already established within MAL delivery team. One missing gap in the sector is of course the succession plan, MAL now works on SP for its workforce as well.

He said that the Agriculture sector has lost many technical experts – without transferring the knowledge to new officers and thus the successive plan needs to be put in place – to train and mentor next successors in very important technical positions.

The PM meanwhile thank many coastal dwellers along Guadalcanal for working with the Ministry of fisheries to protect and preserve their marine ecosystem for future generations as sustainable use of marine resources is fundamental to the livelihood of the people.

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