Biodiversity the Bedrock for Economic Growth: Prince Charles

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FOLLOWING his short visit to the national parliament on Monday, the Prince of Wales made a remarkable speech before the house on environment and biodiversity.

He said the Solomon Islands are blessed with astonishingly high levels of biodiversity which would represent an immerse reserve for natural capital.

“This country’s human capital, precious natural environment and biodiversity of these islands both on the land and below the water represent an immense reserve for natural capital.

“Your islands are blessed with astonishingly high levels of biodiversity.

“Your forests have played a global importance as well as your coral reefs, which are the second most diverse in the world. But such natural capital wealth which if sustainably managed should be the bedrock for your economic growth,” the visiting Prince of Wales said.

He continued that the growing pattern of global warming, climate change and the increase in natural carbon are the major setbacks that cause instability on the immense natural resources of this country.

His Royal Highness Prince Charles also said that despite the daunting challenges the world faces on fighting climate change that destroys the ecosystem on which the population depends on it for their very existence, he urged the members of parliament that they must stand and continue to fight for the sake of their children and grandchildren.

“As elsewhere in the world, the unique approach to the ecosystem on which we depend for our very existence is slowly diminishing after which it will be impossible and indeed for us to recover. This is surely a risk we cannot run for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

“However despite the daunting challenges we face there are never the less immediate remedies in hand that we can save our biodiversity and climate change resilience for economic prosperity,” he said.

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