A Royal Concern for Climate Change

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WITH the recent launch of the New Oceans Policy on Monday, Prince Charles took to the podium in applauding the national government for their good work by creating a policy that would safeguard the marine ecosystem and the surrounding environment.

The concerned Prince shared his emotions through his speech about how the environment is being threatened by global warming and climate change.

“I am so in love with how beautiful your islands are and the sea that surrounds them.

“I see the importance of your natural environment which is good for your prosperity and security.

“But it saddened me that your environment like elsewhere in the world is threatened by climate change, global warming, and pollution, unsustainable logging, overfishing and many more,” the Prince said.

He continued, “It is very important to look after your natural heritage for the benefit of your children and your grandchildren, so it is time to act, now or never.

“That is the reason I am here today to witness the launch of the New Oceans Policy by the Solomon Islands’ Government which I hope it will secure and protect the marine ecosystem that surrounds your islands in the future that will bring wealth, health and wellbeing for the next generation,” he said.

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