Bad Weather Damaged Roads in Central Makira

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WIDESPREAD damage was created on the road network connecting the Central and Western regions of Makira and Ulawa provinces during the current severe weather.

Heavy rain and strong wind have caused coastal flooding and damaged large sections of the region’s transport and infrastructure network (economic route), causing frustration to road users, business owners, and rural dwellers in the communities of Central and West Makira.

Now they are faced with the absolutely enormous task of reaching Makira/Ulawa’s provincial capital in Kirakira to purchase basic essential goods and services.

The communities of Manihuki, Manibena, and the surrounding areas in Central Makira have been dealing with the aftermath of severe weather conditions since Monday, January 22, when high swells and heavy rainfall wreaked havoc, according to rural businessman Lesley from Nukukaisi village, Central Makira.

He said Manihuki Road, a vital lifeline for locals from West Bauro in Central Makira down to Arosi in West Makira Constituencies, bore the brunt of the adverse weather, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

“The flooded rivers and damaged coastal roads have now become a problematic issue for us, and it directly impacts our business and marketing. The bad status of the road exacerbates our daily struggles,” he reported to ENVIRONMENT MEDIA.

He went on to say that in order to get to Kirakira, the provincial capital, and the passengers must pay excessive fares set by the transportation providers.

“The fixed transportation fares to get to Kirakira from Nukuaisi are $40, but now the fare has increased to $60,” he said.

“The Manihuki and Manibena affected communities held a dialogue with the provincial government last week in response to the catastrophe,” according to Leslie. “The provincial government has decided to implement a temporary fix, which will involve King Solomon (KS) Logging Company rerouting traffic onto a new road until further notice from the national government.”

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