A Call to Clean-up Coastal Areas

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WORLD Fish research analyst, Meshach Sukulu from Malaita province has called on the people living in the coastal areas to stop sea pollution and improve rubbish collection in their areas.

He said Garbage and plastic debris like bags, straws, cutlery, water bottles, tins, etc… is a huge threat to the survival of marine fauna.

“I see that many people use to throw their rubbish in the sea – it is not the right place,” Sukulu stressed.

“Rubbish or garbage like plastic and tins laying along some coastal area in the province have the potential to cause danger to our marine fauna,” He said.

Mr. Sukulu said his team from World Fish Organisation have conducted awareness early this year on how to keep the coastal and sea environment clear and free from trash.

He said their visit to some coastal communities in Malaita Province saw non-degradable materials (Rubbish) being dumped along coastlines.

“It is a problem we face today.

“Looking after our marine fauna and environment is everyone’s business,” Mr. Sukulu said.

According to data collected between November 2018 and January 2019 during a Marine litter survey conducted under the Commonwealth Litter Programme (CLiP), 8425 different litter items were recorded and removed during 8 surveys on Guadalcanal province alone.

Of all the different types of materials found during the survey, single-use plastics (SUP) were the most abundant and predominant material found at almost all beaches where the survey was conducted.

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