10,000 Coconut Nursery plants for Farmers in Kwaio: Second Round of Distribution

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Isles Media Freelance Reporter in Malaita

A new nursery of about 10,000 coconut plants is ready to be distributed among farmers in Ward 28 in West Kwaio Constituency, Malaita Province.

The Coconut Rehabilitation Project was made possible by the provincial Ministry of Agriculture and livestock of the Malaita Provincial Government.

The first nursery of about 4000 plants was made and distributed earlier this year and due to a large interest shown by local farmers, a second coconut nursery was initiated but this time it contained around 10000 fruits/plants.

Part of the Coconut Nursery. Photo: Lesley Foinagwa

MPA for Ward 28 and the Minister responsible for Agriculture, Claudio Teifi said that since the first coconut nursery, many more farmers have shown interest in joining the Rehabilitation Project.

“I aim to develop and rehabilitate coconut plantations in the ward.

I encouraged farmers to come forward and together – work together to develop and rehabilitate their coconut plantations,” Teifi said.

The MPA in the meantime acknowledged the MARA government for their support towards the Coconut Rehabilitation Project.

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