World Tsunami Day Celebration Tomorrow

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THIS year’s World Tsunami Awareness Day is scheduled for celebrations in Honiara tomorrow, according to the Principal Communication Officer of the National Disaster Management Office.

The event will be held at the National Disaster Management Office at Ranadi, east of Honiara.

The theme of this year’s global celebrations – ‘making cities resilient 2030 effective international cooperation to reduce Tsunami risk at the local level’.

Brian Tom told to Environment Media that the global event is celebrated every year on the 5th of November to promote and provide awareness about the hazard of Tsunami including innovative approaches to risk reduction.

Tomorrow, the National Disaster Management Office will join the Solomon Islands Meteorological Office in Honiara to commemorate World Tsunami Awareness Day.

He said that the day provides a space where people should reflect and refresh their mindset about how Tsunami can happen.

“If we start to refresh our mind about Tsunami events in our country, there are a lot of destructions, bringing in health issues, and other associate hazards that come with Tsunami,’’ he said.

The Principal Communication Officer said Tsunami response and reduction information will be available on that day. He urged the students and general public to take part in the event.

“The main program tomorrow will include the exhibition of Tsunami awareness materials.

“We encouraged students to come and be part of the event so that they can have some insightful understanding on information about Tsunami,’’ said Brian.

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