Weekly Malaria Awareness in Honiara City

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THE Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Malaria Division, through the Honiara City Council Malaria Division together with World Health Organization and Rotarian against Malaria provides “Weekly Malaria awareness and cases in Honiara City,” with the theme “Chasing Malaria in Solomon Islands.” The program aims to better understand, track and respond to malaria cases in Honiara City. “Ume Tugeda Waka for Stoppem Malaria”.

See map below for current malaria situation in Honiara:

Figure 1
Figure 2

The Chasing Malaria Program is a collaboration between HCC, MHMS, WHO and RAM. The project has been mapping malaria cases from public clinics in Honiara to better understand, track and respond to malaria in the city. Last week from the 18th to the 24th of August a total of 89 positive cases in Honiara were recorded, the top 5 hotspot communities are: Mbokona, Ngossi, Tasahe B, White River & Lengakiki. Our response team will be visiting these ‘hotspot’ communities this week to carry out indoor residual spraying, testing and treating malaria cases and conducting vector surveillance within the communities. Communities please look out for our response team. Our malaria tip for the week is “Stay Safe” by:

  1. Sleep under a mosquito-net,
  2. When you’re feeling sick, go quickly to your nearest clinics for malaria check-up and treatment.
  3. If your is malaria positive please complete your treatment and sleep under bed-net,
  4. Clean and destroy any possible mosquito breeding sites near your properties from mosquitos.

Eradicate Malaria in Honiara City and Solomon Islands. Next update Next Week

Source: Ministry of Health and Medical Services Press Release

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