UN Food System Summit Dialogue Convenes

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A 2 days Food Systems Summit Dialogues with the theme, ‘Food Systems for Health and Wealth,’ is currently underway in Honiara today with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) leading the discussions.

According to the Briefing statement this morning to kick start the dialogue, Solomon Islands will undertake deep discussions focused on the five actions tracks across 2 main National Food System Dialogues, a Consultation Workshop which has convened for 2 days beginning today and a Validation Workshop to be convened on 25 August 2021.

The August 19 and 20 dialogue will involve in-depth discussions on the 5 action tracks namely,

1. Ensure access to safe and nutritious food for all

2. Shift to sustainable consumption patterns

3. Boost nature-positive production

4. Advance equitable livelihoods

5. Build resilience to vulnerabilities, shocks, and stress

It will focus on the existing Food System in the country based on the existing policies and strategies, and identification of the main challenges and limitations and will identify game-changing solutions of the existing Food System, and propose sustainable food system pathways to be achieved by 2030.

The Validation Workshop to be convened on 25 August 2021 will involve the review and finalization of input from the Consultation Workshop.

According to Briefing, the dialogues will work in parallel with the stakeholders across the food system, ensuring an inclusive, highly participatory that will be led by a team under the leadership of the National Convenor.

“Dialogues will reflect the diversity of food systems existing in the country, as well as their different challenges and opportunities for change.

“The Dialogue will be thoroughly prepared, completed, and reported to ensure that discussions are focused on the topics nationally prioritized and lead to clear conclusions and recommendations,” The Briefing statement said.

It further revealed that The Solomon Islands will participate in the Pre-Summit Dialogue of Rome to be held from 26-28 of July at Minister level providing feedback on the outcomes of the Dialogues and discussions.

“All the preparations, dialogues, and Pre-Summit will be instrumental to prepare the country for the UN Food System Summit (Head of the State level) that will take place in New York during the third week of September 2021 in conjunction with the UN General Assembly

“An after-Summit discussion will take place in the country among all the stakeholders to re-examine the national pathway to sustainable food systems not only at a national but also in the sub-national contexts based on the overall outcomes of the Food Systems Summit.

“The consultation will ensure that the Food Systems proposed for Solomons reflects national ambitions and address the national target to achieve local food production target and National key strategic priorities,” The statement said.

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