Tina Hydro Project to Deliver Better Future for Solomon Islands

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Australian High Commissioner to Solomon Islands, Dr. Lachlan Strahan has highlighted that Tina Hydro Project will deliver a different and a better future to the people Solomon Islands.

Dr. Strahan was speaking during the signing of the Financing Agreement of the Tina River Transmission System, Wednesday this week.

He said the climate financing project will be the largest ever project Australia have financed in the pacific region.

“It’s testament to the role that Solomon Islands is playing in boosting renewable energy and addressing climate change.

“Now, as an Australian diplomat, I absolutely acknowledge that it is up to the developed world to carry the overwhelming burden of addressing climate change.

“All of us can make a contribution to helping to save the planet,” Dr. Strahan remarked.

The High Commissioner acknowledged that the Tina river project will make a contribution to renewable energy that will make to contribution to cut greenhouse gas emissions globally.

“..and importantly, it will bring more affordable electricity to the people of Guadalcanal and Honiara,” He said.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, during his keynote address at the signing event, highlighted that the Hydro project will produce a much cleaner, much cheaper and much more reliable energy in Honiara.

“This is indeed welcoming news. It is my hope that when we commission this system at its completion, we will realize the intended benefits we speak about today,” he said.

Prime Minister Sogavare said that despite the delays brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the signing is a testament to the genuineness, durability and maturity of the relations, which ensures all parties involved achieve win-win outcomes.

According to a statement by Solomon Power, the transmission system is the critical piece of infrastructure needed to enable the hydropower facility to supply power to Honiara. It will deliver 70–80 gigawatt hours of renewable energy per annum – enough electricity to meet around 68 per cent of Honiara’s needs. The resulting reduction in Honiara’s reliance on diesel generation will see Solomon Islands meet all of its greenhouse gas emissions targets under the Paris Agreement.

In his speech, Solomon Power’s Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. David K.C.Quan, said he wish to thank the Solomon Islands Government for working together with the Australian Government in maintaining the long-standing partnership to successfully implement the country’s largest renewable energy project.

“We are honored by the trust and confidence AIFFP has in SIEA and we will strive to ensure the transmission system is completed on schedule and on budget,” Mr. Quan said.

The transmission system is expected to cost SBD219.1 million and Solomon Power will invest SBD37.6 million of its own funds.

The AIFFP financing agreement is a milestone for Solomon Power, which will employ more than 200 people to make sure it is constructed by 2024.

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