Three More Garbage Vehicles Coming Next Month

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THE Honiara City Council Waste Management Division will receive three more additional garbage vehicles from Japan next month.

This was according to Former Honiara City Mayor,  Wilson Mamae during an exclusive interview with Environment Media Solomon islands last week.

On Friday 4 August last week, the Honiara City Council had welcome three new vehicle compactor vehicles and 200 garbage bins from the City of Jiangmen in China.

Environment Media Solomon Islands understands that the support of the recent three new vehicles and 200 garbage bins from China was made possible under the leadership of former City Mayor Wilson Mamae.

“We have to keep our city, Honiara Clean – this is how we can move forward. The assistance from Jiangmen City to Honiara City was done by me during my term and Jiangmen City former City Mayor,’’ said Mamae.

“So what both of us talked about, the Jiangmen city former mayor and myself –the former mayor of Honiara city is what we have launched and witnessed today,’’ he added.

Mr. Mamae told Environment Media Solomon Islands that the support was made possible through the sister relationship between Honiara City of Guadalcanal and Jiangmen city of Guangdong province in China.

“Actually I cannot say much about the costs or actual figure but I can say, it was through the sister relationship that myself and my former Clark made on request through the People’s Republic of China,’’ said Mamae.

He said that the aim of the support is to reduce the number of private vehicles contracted to collect waste in the city – that will help the HCC cut their cost of hiring private vehicles owners.

“There are another three garbage vehicles coming next month from Japan which also comes under my term of leadership in the office with my City Clark which will add up to a total of six compact vehicles to help clean up the city,’’ stated the former city mayor.

According to the head of the Waste Management division, Mr. Andrew Honi, the division only has two compactors currently and that made it difficult for the division to effectively collect wastes within the city.

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