Tamboko Bridge Roadwork Repairs Are Progressing Well

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THE Tamboko Bridge roadwork repairs in the north-west region of Guadalcanal province are progressing well, according to the latest update from the rural resident, Dickson Lavusi.

Dickson told ENVIRONMENT MEDIA that the repairs, which began a week ago, are aimed at addressing the deteriorating condition of the bridge, restoring the road connectivity and ensuring the safety of road users who use it daily.

“The bridge roadwork repairs are progressing well and are expected to be completed within the designated timeline,” he revealed.

He said that the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) had given Solomon Sheet Steel Limited the contract to undertake the roadwork repairs. The repairs involved major restorations to the damaged road structure connecting the Tamboko Bridge, which was brought on by the recent flash flood brought on by the intense rain. 

According to Lavusi, the river was diverted to the western end of the Tamboko Bridge on Tuesday, February 6, in order to allow the eastern end to dry out and allow for the filling process to begin.

Diversion of water to the western end of Tamboko Bridge to allow the eastern end to dry so filling can proceed. Photo credit @ Dickson Lavusi

He expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) for their prompt response to the emergency caused by flooding or the ongoing wet season, which harmed the vital road infrastructure in January 2024.

“I am satisfied with the progress made so far, and I want to express my gratitude to the construction team and the rural community for their cooperation and patience during the roadwork,” he said.

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