SolTuna Introduces New Tuna Products at SINIS Expo

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SOLOMON Islands premium tuna company, SolTuna Limited has continued to promote its premium line of high-quality canned tuna products now available on shelves of retail stores in the country and abroad at this year’s Solomon Islands National Institute of Sport – 2023 Pasifiki Athlete Career & Education Expo.

At this year’s annual Pasifiki Athlete Career & Education Expo held at the Solomon Islands National Institute of Sports (SINIS) High-Performance Center on June 30, SolTuna’s Sales and Marketing Representative, Paul Manoa told RAW SPORTS that the local tuna company is proud to introduce and promote its new range of quality and world-class certifications tuna products to local athletes in the country.

SolTuna Marketing and Sales Representative Paul Manoa (pictured right) and two staffs.

He said on behalf of SolTuna, I would like to thank SINIS for allowing us to use the expo to promote the company’s new premium tuna products.

“Our goal at this year’s 2023 Pasifiki Athlete Career & Education Expo is to introduce the new Solomon Blue Premium Tuna products to our local athletes since it’s delicious, and now accessible in local and regional markets.

“So far, the new Solomon Blue Premium Tuna products are sold in the domestic market and now exported to New Zealand.

“The premium tuna brands – Chilli Skip Jack and Solomon Olive Oil are the new high-quality products that we want to showcase. All of SolTuna Premium Tuna products have been exported, bought, and sold on retail store shelves in New Zealand.

“Olive oil is significantly more expensive than Soybean oil,” Paul added.

He said that the premium tuna brands – Chilli Skip Jack and Solomon Olive Oil Daily are also available at the Mart Limited at the Supreme Plaza Kukum, East Honiara, AusMart Limited stores in Honiara, and Bulk Shop store and supermarket outlets in Honiara.

The two premium Olive Oil Tuna and Chilli Tuna (pictured in green and red) showcased during the SINIS Career and Education Expo on Friday 30th June at SINIS.

“Tuna is essential to many people’s daily lives and our new premium tuna products are already selling themselves in our local retail market.

“The products symbolize our country and as Solomon Islanders, we must purchase it,” he said.

“Since Tuna is our nation’s primary source of revenue, we must work together on all fronts to safeguard it. Families and individuals can catch tuna for their food or sell it to earn money to support their daily livelihood. Therefore, I think that protecting our tuna resources will be good for us and our future generations,” he added.

According to the Solomon Islands premium tuna company, SolTuna, the company has stood out in the market for its quality of product, world-class certifications, and gender-equal approach to its workforce.

“With fish both caught and processed locally, SolTuna accounts for 11% of the Solomon Islands’ national exports and is proud to hold certifications from many reputable global entities such as MSC, Fairtrade, British Retail Consortium, and the Earth Island Institute, while also being both Orthodox Union Kosher and AFIC Halal compliant.

“SolTuna is based in the Noro Township in the Western Province, and it is the country’s only tuna processing facility. They employ over 1,800 workers, 64 percent of whom are women.”

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