Solomon Water Announces New Tariff Rates, Effective 1 September 2023

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SOLOMON Water wishes to advise valued customers there are new tariff rates effective 1 September 2023. The new tariffs represents an increase of 36 cents per kilolitre (tonne) of water for the lowest domestic tariff band.

Solomon Water Board Chairman Donald Marahare states, “Solomon Water’s primary goal is to ensure that every household and business in the Solomon Islands has access to safe and reliable water. We understand that any change in tariff rates can be concerning, but I want to assure customers that this adjustment is absolutely necessary to maintain the level of service you deserve.”

Traditionally, Solomon Water reviews its tariff rates annually. However, this year’s change is an exception. “We have made this change in September, deviating from our annual review schedule, because we faced unexpected challenges that required immediate action. Rising electricity, maintenance, and infrastructure development expenses have impacted our operational costs and put pressure on our ability to provide uninterrupted water services” the Board Chairman says.

“Our decision to revise the tariff rate in September is based on the need to address these financial challenges promptly, ensuring that we can continue to maintain and upgrade our infrastructure while delivering safe and reliable water services.”

Solomon Water appreciates that clean water and good sanitation is critical for people to remain healthy and our vision “Safe water for a healthy nation” is at the heart of our work with stakeholders, communities and customers in improving our services. Improved water and sanitation leads to better health outcomes for everyone, healthier children, less time off school and work, and reduced health costs.

We’re with you in improving value, improving services and improving for the future – all aimed at delivering our vision of “Safe water for a healthy nation”.

Source: Solomon Water Press Release

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