Sanitation Project Complete for Kadova

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A sanitation project has been completed for Kadova Village at Katario Ward 13, Northeast Choiseul.

The Sanitation project consists of a ‘Toilet House’ and ‘Water Tank’ to support Kadova community.

According to the Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) for Katario Ward 13 Hon Ronald Zakele, the sanitation project is funded under the Ward Grant, costing around $50,000.00.

“For Kadova at Katario Ward 13, Northeast Choiseul Province, we have completed a sanitation project of a toilet house and water tank to support the more than a hundred population there, as it is funded by the Ward Grant,” said Zakele.

“More upcoming developments are expected in our Constituency too as MV Nuatabu that is currently on its way is understood to load supplies for developments at Kadova and Northeast Choiseul as a whole Constituency to improve living standard and developments.

“Supplies to be received are from the Member of Parliament [MP] for Northeast Choiseul as well on which the people of Kadova are looking forward to receiving the supplies for developments to take place.”

Through past days, certain Northeast Choiseul villages have also received funded projects under the ‘Ward Grant’, purposely to improve positive developments for the people of Katario Ward 13.

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