Ports Enforce Strict Entry Measures At Point Cruz Jetties

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THE SOLOMON Islands Ports Authority Law enforcement officers are tightly manning the Point Cruz jetties 24/7.

Authorized by the SI Government through the COVID-19 Oversight committee, MHMS, RSIPF, and SIMA the objectives of the strict measures are to ensure everyone’s safety is well protected.

As well as to contain the spread of COVID-19 within the Point Cruz jetties, the SIPA law enforcement officers are conducting thorough checks on people, vehicles, and vessels.

SIPA Law enforcement officer Harold Irosaki.

“We do strict checks at the front entry point where there are some measures applied for the domestic wharf, the public, and ships.

“We have to check on vehicles, people, and ships- to ensure they must have their jabs, bring their vaccination cards, maintain wearing masks before entering this compound,’’ said Harold Irosaki from the SIPA law enforcement Division.

Alleging that the COVID-19 community outbreak in Honiara originates from Vessels coming from MOI, Irosaki has described Point Jetties as one of the COVID-19 high-risk compounds that no one should overlook.

Officials checked on a vehicle before entering the point Cruz jetties compound.

“Even now and if you can see, the ships with yellow flags are the ones currently under quarantine where they have positive cases inside, and the measures in place are under the authorization from the OC, SIMA, RSIPF, and MHMS with other organizations that oversee the covid-19 within our zone.

“Recently some boats have already sailed and just last yesterday (Tuesday 1th March) Fair glory departed to the Western provinces after completing the processes, so any vessel to leave must go through swabbing before they apply to Marine for the approval from the Police commissioner –they must have to fully meet the requirement before traveling,’’ said Irosaki.

“Thus if you’re intending to either check on vessels or to send cargoes to provinces, you must have to bring in your card, wear a face mask and apply the safety regulation for your safety and safety of everyone.

MV Airi to sail for South Malaita by Friday 4th if all required covid19 criteria are met.

“We too are facing the risk here so that’s why we are strongly advising the public to comply with every rule and regulation,’’ he told Sunday Isles in an exclusive interview on Thursday 3rd March at the Point Cruz jetties.

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