Pipisu New Clinic Construction Project Opens Soon

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THE rural people in Pipisu village in West Are’are in Malaita province will now have better access to health and primary care services, with the recent completion of a new two-story clinic building project.

The construction of the Clinic project started in October 2010. The project cost approximately SBD 691,433.94 which is equivalent to AUD 101,580. Whilst, the construction, and completion of the Clinic Project were made possible through the combined efforts and commitment of the members of the Pipisu community.

The new two-story clinic building will be a great addition to other existing medical clinics and health care centers servicing the region of West Are’are. It will also provide a storage base for effective satellite immunization programs and malaria prevention and education in the particular region of Malaita province.

The clinic building will be powered by renewable solar energy and is comprised of 14 examination rooms that include a maternity room, outpatient and emergency room, a surgical theater room, dental room, air-conditioned pharmacy room, and Malaria laboratory room, etc.

Over the years, the rural and under-served communities near Pipisu village have faced significant challenges especially in accessing health care services. The clinic will be opening its doors for primary health care services soon.

Pipisu Community youth representative, Andrew Herowai said over the years, the members of Pipisu village often relied on their canoes as a means of transporting their sick to seek medical care; they usually paddle 6 to 7 hours to reach the nearest medical health center or clinic.

“The population of Pipisu village and its neighboring communities is approximately 3000 and more often their access to medical services is limited.

“However, the rural population of Pipisu and surrounding communities are now pleased to have a new clinic close to their community. Now the population will have access to the health care services they need to stay healthy.

“We also thanked our major donor partners, government, and leaders for their vision and dedication to providing a permanent healthcare clinic service building of the highest quality for our sick patients, families, and children.

“We hope that the new clinic will improve the health and quality of life for the people in our rural communities especially to save lives and to lessen the number of premature death from the common diseases such as Malaria, Pneumonia, Diabetes including the unvaccinated childhood diseases or deaths,” said the 37-year-old.

The clinic project was made possible through the strong partnership with a Registered Nurse, Sally Williams of John Flynn Private Hospital in Australia, rural community leaders, Provincial Assembly and Ward representative, Member of Parliament for West Are’are Hon. John Maneniaru, the Government’s Ministry of Health and Medical Services, and Rotary Club PQG club, New South Wales, Australia.

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