Oil Spill on Offshore Recovery Tactic

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RESOLVE Marine Group is now taking full control of the oil spill response inside the Lughu Bay of West Rennell.

Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) handed over their offshore recovery tactic to grounded vessels’ contractor after their relieve work has been satisfactorily completed.

Thanks to Australia and New Zealand Government at request of the Solomon Islands government on 16th February set up and do relieve work to speed up the containment of surface oil.

AMSA draws down their offshore clean-up activities on 21st March.

As observed by local authorities, AMSA has done quite an exceptional execution of their contingency plans two weeks after the oil spill started oozing from the grounded bulk carrier “Solomon Trader.”

They have achieved major part of the on-surface oil removal.

With the employment of current buster method, AMSA have managed to scoop thousand gallon of floating oil components. The recovered oils were then pumped into storage tanks awaiting decontamination process.

Location and coordination of the off-shore work is supported by helicopter fly-overs to trace and pinpoint the concentration, sheens and behaviour of the oil in and outside of the bay.

Resolve contracted by insurer and owner Korea Protection and Indemnity Club (KP&I) now has all their necessary equipment on-site, and continues with the offshore clean-up, shoreline and salvaging.

The Government maintained a daily assessment of the shoreline and off-shore clean-up and salvaging through the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) to ensure the operations is expedited as much as possible.

Source: Government Communication Unit

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