Northwest Guadalcanal Farmers Looking to Boost Local Farming Activities

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THE Northwest Guadalcanal Development Association NWGDA at Aruligo is currently working with members on boosting local farming activities.

President of the Association, Simon Chottu told Environment Media in an interview recently, that the NWGDA has continued working at the proposed site purposely to pilot farming venues for association members to venture more into farming.

“We will be working on piloting our proposed project where members will have access to nurseries of vegetables such as pakchoi, choisum and including other root crops for them to plant,” Simon said.

He said that despite challenges caused by the covid19 that does not allow members to host meeting arrangements, work is ongoing at the site.

“Work still continues at the site despite the fact that covid19 has posed many challenges for us.

“We already have water tanks for storing water for the nurseries including a nursery storage house and improvement of sanitation facilities such as toilets were also completed,” the Association president said.

Water tanks to be used for storing water for the nursery. Photo: John Chrisma

The President also make mentioned that the association have also worked on completing a market and meeting venue for members to help them sell their products using social media platforms.

“After completing the marketing venues, I will help members sell their products using online marketing strategies,” he added.

Meanwhile, Simon thanked organisations that step up and supported them during the current COVID19 situation in the country.

Environment Media understands that the non-profit association which was formed in early 2019 has previously helped local farmers in the Northwest Guadalcanal Constituency during the pandemic by arranging a mobile marketing venue, where buyers from Honiara went down to their community and purchased much needed local foods from farmers.

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