No Environment Day Celebrations in Honiara

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The 2021 World environment day will be marked around the world
on Saturday 5th June with the theme “ecosystem restoration,”

However, according to Josef Hurutarau of Ministry of Environment, no event will be held in Honiara to mark the day.

Mr Hurutarau confirmed that no particular events/programme will be held this year in Honiara to mark the day mainly this was due to lack financial support and other commitments by the Ministry responsible.

He however said the celebration of the day around the world is to promote, raised awareness and advocate on significant role of the environment and highlighting issues that is affecting the environment.

“For us Solomon island this is a very important theme. A lot of activities has been happening in Solomon Islands that is very destructive to the environment and really that affect our ecosystem.

“Ecosystem include forest ecosystem, reef ecosystem, ocean ecosystem or, fresh water ecosystem that provide services to humans.

“SI depend very much on ecosystem services. The theme also reflects on how we can save the ecosystem,’’ said Huitarau.

He further added that Solomon Islands is a party to a number of conventions, like the United Nation Convention on Biological Diversity and it is important that people understand their relationships with the environments. 

“If you are polluting the system maybe through  throwing rubbish in rivers it will affect the fresh water system, the ocean, forest or the land and surely you are liable to ensure your environment is clean,’’

He added that there are many simple activities either schools, churches, or communities can do to mark this very important event. This might include planting trees, picking up rubbish that can contribute a lot to mark the environment day.

“We are aware that there’s a number of our partners and stakeholders that will engage in various activities at their respective provinces and we like to acknowledge their initiative and effort to mark this important day,’’ he said.

“It is not only the responsibility of the ministry but it is everyone’s responsibility.

“So whatever you can do to mark this environment day, as a responsible ministry we like to acknowledge you for the concerns and initiative taken to mark the day.

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