New Environmental Learning Centre Launched

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A new environmental learning centre for the natural environment was launched earlier last week at the Botanical garden office.

Speaking to the Sunday Isles paper, the Project coordinator of the Learning and Ecological Activities Foundation for Children, Tesney Baisi said it is important for individuals to understand the principle of nature as an element of education which is the basis of waste learning and composting.

“The centre will make citizens including children focus on abundant Honiara nature, to improve their consciousness for treating nature well, and to broaden their understanding to reduce the volume of garbage and reusing organic garbage,” Tesney Baisi said.

“The centre will enable citizens where they can learn the principle of nature experimentally and is expected to be used for nature education for schools as well,” she added.

The learning centre will open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and opening times will be from 10 am to 4 pm.

The project coordinator also acknowledges the collaborating partners.

“Well, I would like to sincerely thank the Ministry of Forestry and Research, through the Botanical and Herbarium Division, Honiara City Council, Learning and Ecological Activities Foundation for Children( LEAF ) and JICA Solomon Islands office for the great effort in collaborating together to set up this facility,” she acknowledged.

She said that she is happy for the facility which has finally been launched and welcomes students and citizens to visit the centre.

“I am very happy about this new learning environmental facility. Schools and visitors are most welcome to visit during our open days and very happy to say that the nature centre will also be displaying aquarium tanks with fish species from the streams, Crabs freshwater prawns’ insect specimens, forest products books about the natural environment and other Interesting things about the environment which is also displayed in the facility. So feel free to visit, our friendly staff from Botanical Garden and LEAF project will assist you” she said.

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