MUPCW President Calls for Relief Assistance

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MAKIRA Ulawa Provincial Council of Women is calling for help from the National Disaster Council for the people of Makira province who are struggling after the recent natural disaster.

Lincy Agnes Kitera said the Makira communities have been badly affected by the recent floods and really need assistance.

“We have faced shortage of food due to garden destruction caused by the flooded rivers, strong winds and heavy rain that also caused houses and trees to fall,” Mrs Kitera explained.

Women were struggling to keep their family fed through the bad weather.

“We women are the main ones who spend most of our time in the gardens planting food for our family. Now we find it very hard to harvest food because our gardens have been destroyed,” she said.

“Our children’s education is also affected. They have to cross rivers in order to go to school, so when they are flooded the children have to stay at home.”

Mrs Kitera said that there had been damage assessments done in the communities’ right after the disaster struck but after that nothing was done to help the people in the villages.

Josephine Fititei, an executive member of the Makira Ulawa Council of Women, said while it was their responsibility to support other women’s associations in Makira province help should also come from the Makira Provincial head province.

“It is important for us to work together to help each other share information at the province level.

“As a woman who is going through this situation, on behalf of my people, I kindly call for help from the disaster council,” Mrs Fititei said.

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