MP Nestor Giro Donates Truck to Pamahima Landowners Association

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THE Pamahima Landowners Association has received a three-ton truck donation from Hon. Nestor Giro, the Member of Parliament for Central Makira Constituency.

The official donation of the vehicle is seen as a major step towards enhancing conservation efforts and advancing sustainable development in the central region of Makira. The ceremony was held on Tuesday at Arohane Village in Central Bauro District.

Kirston Raha, a representative of the Pamahima Landowners Association, confirmed the donation in an interview with Environmental Media.

Formed in 2010, the Pamahima Landowners Association started as a conservation group with a mission to encourage other communities to engage in conservation efforts and move away from logging practices.

“The aim of the Pamahima Landowners Association is to encourage other communities to venture into conservation and to do away with logging practices. Furthermore, we look forward to encouraging more tourists to promote the tourism industry in Central Makira, which will create job opportunities and income for our members and nearby communities as well,” Raha explained.

The truck donation marks a pivotal step in supporting the association’s logistical needs and enhancing its capacity to undertake conservation and tourism activities effectively. The association expressed its gratitude to Hon. Nestor Giro for his generous support, emphasizing the positive impact it will have on their operations and community initiatives.

In addition to their current conservation efforts, the Pamahima Landowners Association is expanding its activities to include the Carbon Trade program and the Protected Area (PA) program. The association has identified the REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) group as a primary target for these initiatives, aiming to further their environmental conservation goals and promote sustainable development within the region.

The truck donation made by Hon. Nestor Giro is expected to aid the association’s expanded efforts to facilitate the better transportation of materials and personnel necessary for their ongoing and future projects. The local community is optimistic that this support will lead to increased tourism, greater economic opportunities, and a stronger commitment to environmental preservation. 

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