Ministries Should Have Climate Change Division

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CLIMATE change impacts which is now on our doors steps is a health problem, according Edgar Pollard.

Climate change, change our weather patterns, and this can lead to the increase of vector borne diseases in the country.

Speaking during day 3 of climate justice dialogue on the theme health and climate change Pollard said dengue and Malaria are the two main sickness in the country.

“Just for your information, malaria is on the rise. Now the malaria mosquito which spread the disease usually breed in mixture of salt and pure water.

“The rising sea levels in our coastal areas are increasing the natural habitat for anopheles mosquitos which would increase malaria cases.

“The changing weather pattern will have a huge impact on this, if there is more rain fall, we are expecting more dengue mosquito to be on the rise as well,’’ said Pollard.

He said currently non communicable desease such as diebetes is on the rise in the country that need more attention to the health care of this nation.

“If we did not able to eat local foods that of good nutritional and rely on imported foods, unhealthy eating, it will lead to many sicknesses, malnutrition, etc,’’ he said.

This is a clear example between climate change and health according to Edgar when speaking during day 3 of the climate justice dialogue recently at the national museum in Honiara.

As a local researcher advisor, Pollard said that we need to have our own local research and assessment so we can come up with our own local facts, data and evidence in our local context.

“This evidences then can be used by our policy makers to develop and making decisions or policies to guide what is actually happening on the ground instead of using overseas context that not so good.

“Climate change needs to be mainstream through all Ministries, NGOs, private sectors to be included in policy, planning and programs of every organisations and ministries.

” The MHMS even do not have a department that focus on climate change and ministries or organization in this country . It is a health pandemic, we must priorities climate change,” said Edgar Pollard.

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  1. Appreciate Dr. Pollard, that’s how it should be, CC mas garem own department blo hem so that hem setm own vision, mission n goals blo hem. but for keyboard warriors where campaign about climate change online olowe but nosae what is climate change please we all need to broaden our understanding about the impacts of climate change and Human health at the local level dn bae guti.

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