Members of the Central Market Vendors Association Reached Out To Aruligo Farmers

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THE Central Market Vendors Association on Tuesday, March 14 reached Aruligho, Northwest Guadalcanal for the fifth time as part of the Association’s outreach to buy garden produces and other products from rural farmers.

The arrangement was scheduled for every Monday since the break out of the COVID19 this year but they later rescheduled it for every Tuesday.

During the outreach, Members of the Vendors Association buy root crops, vegetables and fruits at affordable prices from farmers around that area, an initiative to lessen the movement of people during the COVID outbreak in and out of Honiara City.

The Members of the Central MArket vendors Association with some of the produces being purchased. PHOTO: JOHN CHRISMA

A local pineapple farmer, Ms Lilian Emby, told Isles Media that although the prices of their products did not match what they had expected, they appreciate the arrangement which enables them to sell their products and have some money but doesn’t have to travel to Honiara Central Market, a movement which cost them expenses and risks of getting COVID-19.

“Although we sold our products on cheap Prices compared to when we sold them by ourselves at the Honiara Central Market, it helps reduced unnecessary movement and spending for us in terms of transport fares and market fees,” Ms Emby said.

She said that some older women who were no longer able to travel and sell their garden products at the Central Market were also had the chance to sell their products during that time.

Meanwhile, Ms Maureen, a member of the vendors association said the initiative aims to help local farmers reduce their movement to and from Honiara and thus lowering the risk of them getting infected by COVID-19

As part of the vendor’s program and initiative, the Members of the Central Market Vendors Association make arrangements with local farmers at Aruligo communities and have started purchasing their garden products since Monday, February 24.

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