Marovo Set to Launch Two Major Livelihood Investment Projects

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MAROVO Constituency in the Western Province is ready to launch two of its major livelihood investment projects next week, Tuesday 28th June, 2022.

These include its Fishery investment project and the Gasini market house project.

Constituency Development Officer (CDO), Tyson Stanley Ghera earlier said the launching of the fishery project initiative will see an investment of 160 boats/canoes along with 160 horsepower engines (15HP) to 160 beneficiaries, to boost local fishery within the constituency where fish are abundant with potential benefits to people within the constituency.

“Recipients of boats and the horsepower engines will also receive one (1) each 200 litres esky for storage of fish and other perishable goods. 

“It is going to be a huge event for the constituency because it will also coincide with the official opening of the Nganisi Market House project also funded by the constituency through RCDF,” Mr. Ghera said.

Gasini market house set for launching as a whopping 26-meter signboard now installed by AdKonect. Photo by AdKonect

He said the exciting part of the fishery project is that the boats/canoes were built by locals of Marovo which is an additional benefit to the constituents adding MCO under the leadership of MP Chachabule is also looking at investing in other productive areas to boost economic activities that would bring touchable benefits to his people.

On market transportation, Mr. Ghera said, currently the constituency is working on repairing LC Swift to be used by the constituency as a specified transport for transporting of all fisheries (Marovo eskies) and agricultural products to Honiara.

“Initial work on bringing in parts from overseas already done by our MP. Our aim is to have this (ship) fixed this year so that we could be able to supply fresh fish and other products to the Pacific Games 2023 next year. This ship has a multi-purpose, not only for fishery initiative but also for other businesses within the Marovo lagoon. It will be scheduled to suit the timing for our fishermen/women unlike other ships,” Mr. Ghera explained.

Mr. Ghera further said that as part of the fisheries initiative, the constituency office is also looking at investing in the installation of an ice making machine which can produce 70 blocks per day at Seghe to supply blocks for fishermen and livestock farmers.

He added, the constituency is also planning to develop a location in Honiara as an alternative market place for Marovo fish. “This initiative will greatly assist our people because it is one of the major sources of income for our rural people.”

Mr. Ghera re-emphasized that Marovo constituency does not discriminate members based on voters-only approach, especially on big projects that will help everybody. “The constituency assist families and individuals regardless of who they vote for. We leave out or get rid of the voters only system because all we want is to make sure everyone participates together in socio-economic activities to improve their livelihoods.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Ghera said the Gasini market house project is an investment worth more than $300,000 and once opened will provide a clean, safe and spacious area for constituents at Gasini and surrounding communities within the Marovo constituency to sell their produces. The cost includes logistic, labour, construction and all necessary work that has been carried out towards the project.

For decades, Gasini communities were without a proper market house, forcing vendors to suffer from sun and rain when selling their products.

CDO Ghera said ensuring vendors have a proper and accommodative market facility is important and that is one of the constituency’s office priorities, because this is where people (vendors) of Gasini communities get their income through sales of agriculture and fishery products to support their livelihoods.

“For past decades’ people suffer the sun and rain, yet this is where they get income, therefore the constituency office is pleased to render the support by investing in this very important project.”

The major infrastructure (market facility) which is located at the Gasini wharf will serve 40 villages both in Wards 23 and 24 of the constituency.

Mr. Ghera said the market infrastructure will be installed with a solar system and proper market tables adding the project construction also include improvement work on the deteriorated market seafront/seawall to ensure canoes have a safe and sufficient area for loading and offloading of eskies.

Government officials and Peoples Republic of China (PRC) Ambassador to Solomon Islands is expected to attend and witness the official launching of the projects next week.

Marovo constituency office of the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) implement these projects under its Rural Constituency Development Fund (RCDF) programme initiatives for 2022.

Current Member of Parliament for Mavoro Constituency is Chachabule Amoi. He entered parliament in 2019.

RCDF programme is funded by the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) and the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) as donor.

Source: MRD Media

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