Malaita Hopes to Attain Peace through Disaster Risk Management Project

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THE provincial government of Malaita is confident to attain peace and sustainability through the outcome of the US$1 million project aimed to strengthen disaster reduction and risk management policies and plans in the country, according to Malaita Premier, Hon. Daniel Suidani.

The two years SBD 8 million project is aimed at the vulnerable provincial communities in the region of Guadalcanal and Malaita and will be implemented by the World Vision in partnership with USAID through the funded support of the Government of the United States of America.

Premier Suidani revealed that the support is timely and welcoming to ensure communities are well equipped and prepared to adapt to the negative impacts including bad consequences of climate change in the country.

“It is even more welcoming to know that the project is amongst other things to help to aid the disadvantage, vulnerable people of our communities, let’s face it, they often been left out and least considered when it comes to getting assistance or even to be included in discussing issues that have direct effects on their wellbeing,’’ the premier said.

He said that without any doubt; he believes that the project is heading in a new direction towards addressing the many key effects of climate change by strengthening mechanisms that would reduce the effects of climate change on vulnerable communities that will be affected by the causes.

“To succeed in the fight it requires a wide spectrum of actors to come together and work collaboratively and strategically for such common goals.

“Thus, persons in the communities should be prominent roles in the implementation process of the project, and I believe Malaita province would like to see that there are peace and sustainability in the outcomes of the project,’’ said the Premier at the official launch of the project held on Wednesday 27 January at the Heritage Park Hotel in Honiara.

Premier Suidani expressed that the Solomon Islands as small nations have truly and worst affected compared to the continental and large countries of the world so much from a disaster that the nation contributes less towards it.

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