Kongulai Gravity Source Shutdown Extended

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DUE to high turbidity, the Kongulai Gravity Source closure has been extended until further notice.

The shutdown is due to high turbidity (silt and dirt particles in the water) experienced upstream as a result of heavy rains at the water source.

“This action is necessary to ensure safe and clean water is distributed to customers”, Acting CEO Scravin Tongi says.

“Our water meets the World Health Organisation (WHO) Standards about 98 % of the time. It’s only following heavy rain, particularly in Kombito and Kongulai catchments where illegal activities of logging and quarrying cause sediment that affects the supply and we must shut down”.

Mr Tongi added “We cannot continue to distribute water when the turbidity level is high as the disinfection process cannot kill any bacteria in the water, making it unsafe and pose health risk to customers”.

He said the situation is being closely monitored and customers will be updated when the supply will be turned back on.

“Our vision is “safe water for a healthy nation” and we are obliged to strive to provide safe water at all times”, the Acting CEO said.


Featured Photo: Upstream, Kongulai water source. Photo: Solomon Water/File Photo

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