Henderson Road Repaired: Thumbs-Up Lee Kwok Kuen

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TO make sure our roads are safe and efficient for all road users; Lee Kwok Kuen Company recently resealed more than 20km of feeder roads access across the Henderson area through its road repair and maintenance works to ensure they are safe for motorists.

The access road towards the Bethesda Disability Training and Support Centre in Henderson area was previously in a bad shape as surface potholes because of the absence of a drain causing problems to the road users including teachers and students with special needs’ in the particular area.

A representative of the Bethesda Disabilities Training and Support Centre, Ms. Mellissa Gege said since last year (2019) the Centre continues to suffer from the problem without zero government support, however, I thank the Lee Kwok Kuen company for the scope of work to repair the massive potholes on the road for road users to drive safely through.

“On behalf of the training centre, may I acknowledged the Lee Kwok Kuen Company and other responsible authority to immediately find a lasting solution to repair the road.

“The recent continued heavy rain weather has worsened the current condition of the road and if nothing is done about it the road will likely to create more crater potholes on the road.

“The water caused by the heavy rain had damaged the road due to the absence of drains on both sides of it. The dilapidated road also affected the transportation of the centre’s training resources and materials,” he added.

The Centre is located further 10km south of the Henderson International Airport Area, East Honiara. Apart from the feeder roads, the main road link to Honiara is about 20km away from the Centre.

Bethesda Disability Training and Support Centre’s primary purpose is to provide training and support to students with a disability. It is the only facility of its kind in the Solomon Islands with one other school for the deaf.

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