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FOLLOWING the Heavy rain warning issued by the Solomon Islands Meteorological Services this morning, The National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC) has been issued the Heavy rain “What To Do” information to the Public. The NEOC is strongly advising the public to take precautionary measures as the heavy rain can cause local to widespread flooding in Honiara and in our rural communities. Creeks, streams, drainages systems and major rivers may have been flooded during this heavy rain.

The NEOC also warn boat travelers that due to an active trough over our Islands and provinces, current heavy rain may cause low visibilities and rough seas and high swells may be resulted as we are in this wet season. Therefore, the NEOC would like to recommend the following actions to be taken by the public. Please listen out to SIBC and other FM stations for further information.

The public is also advised to prepare emergency bag with important items like Radio, Mobile phone, Torch lights, knives, food, and important papers.

The NEOC in statement, reiterates the importance of storing drinking water in sealed bottles as there could be disruption or contamination to the main water systems. Families are encouraged to keep their children out of rain and flood waters.

At the same time the NEOC would also like to advise motorist to take extra care when travelling on wet, slippery and flooded road. Roads and bridges may have covered with waters so please do not attempt to cross flowing rivers and large streams of unknown depth. Drive on less that 40km per hour with lights on.

NEOC also noted that there have been many incidences occurred during bad weather in our country therefore, mariners are encouraged to take extra fuel, puddles, lifejackets, torch-light, spare batteries, water and some food when travelling. Avoid travelling at all during bad weather and always inform someone of where about you are going and your expected time to arrive at your destination.

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