Flares Are Not For Celebrations

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FLARES are survival and emergency tools kits for safety at sea and not for New Year and Christmas day celebrations.

This was according to Lecturer, William Aruhane of the School of Marine at Solomon Islands National University (SINU) during their display of the safety equipment at the SINU open day this year.

SINU Lecturer, William Aruhane.

“It is a golden chance that we display this emergency equipment’s at this open day to students and the public so they can aware when there is an emergency while at sea,’’ said Aruhane.

“So that when there is an emergency they know what to do because when there is an emergency it is not a time to think, but time to act,’’ he said.

He said that the other reason for displaying to the public is the fact that the Solomon Islands is a country that mainly depends on ships or boats as the only means of transportation.

“These equipment’s are very important especially at this open day so students and the public are aware and also at this time when we are approaching the Christmas season.

“These are the only survival tools during emergencies at sea and it is surprising to see these equipments are used during New Year and Christmas day celebrations.

“It’s for saving life,’’ said Aruhane.

During the SINU open day at FOPA on Friday 11 October 2022, students undertaking marine studies at SINU displayed smoke signals, hand flares and rockets.

Smoke signals put on display during the SINU open day at FOPA, Panatina on 11th November 2022.

“The Smoke signal depends on wind and is visible for three minutes duration. It can be used when you see boats, or ships and planes within the vicinity and can only be used in daylight,’’ he said.

“Hand flares and the rocket can be used during the day and at night times. The rockets can reach 45 km in the air,’’ he said.

He further said that saving life at sea also required adhering to safety measures at sea otherwise you can encounter similar incidents such as the MV Taimareho incident that leads to the great loss of life at sea.

He said that the safety at sea equipment or this emergency tools is applicable in any weather.

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